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We respect all people from all backgrounds, accepting everyone as they are. With this mindset, we created an online clothing store that offers casual "wearable art." Paint Your Own Canvas aims to become the melting pot for fashion and art expressed through casual wear through gender-free sizing, and unisex designs. All of our essentials can be worn by anyone at any age, it is not up to us to decide a customer target based on age, gender or race.


We believe in making things happen. Our brand is a call to action  Paint your own Canvas! We strive to call all people to express their dreams, wishes and goals in life and take action to build. All is welcome and appreciated in our house.

We are a product of our Designer - a 19 year old who is following his dreams. We want to help the other young entrepreneurs out there to follow their passions. This is why 5% of our sales go into a special fund at our non-profit - Beba Innovation and Entrepreneurship Foundation. We will be using those resources to provide training and mentorship to those that are interested.

What we strive the most is to be a brand that brings people together for a bigger goal than the designs. A brand where everyone could find a piece of themselves, feel empowered, supported, and give back to the world. As we grow, we wish to become a pool for talent, as well as a space for other young designers to help us design new patterns.


Our name, Paint Your Own CANVAS, refers to the endless possibilities of one’s dreams. It calls attention to the importance of expressing your own dream that you wish to turn into reality. As young dreamers, young entrepreneurs, the future is in our hands and actions build future.

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Growing up in Istanbul, Hong Kong, Dubai and New York, our creative director, Alihan Beba has a diverse background in many various cultures across the world that inspired his style of art and design. From a very early age, he started creating patterns that brought together all his inspirations, expressed through many colors and shapes. All of his patterns have a unique story behind them, influenced by the culture and art he was living in at that moment, they became more diverse over time as he moved from one city to another.

Also influenced by his family’s career in global companies for diversity and inclusion departments, consultation and human resources management, he has been taught to respect all people from all backgrounds, accepting everyone as they are.

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