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Paint Your Own Canvas Hoodie and Sweatpants

Our Purpose


At PAINT YOUR OWN CANVAS, we believe in dreaming big, building your future, and making things happen!


This is why 5% of every purchase goes to support young entrepreneurs in the form of trainings and mentorship services through    

PYO is an online clothing store that offers casual "wearable art." We aim to become the melting pot for fashion and art, expressed through casual wear which all started as an extension of Alihan Beba's creativity. Growing up in Istanbul, Hong Kong, Dubai and New York, our creative director Alihan built a diverse background in many various cultures across the world by the time he turned 17.

From a very early age, he started creating patterns that brought together all his inspirations, expressed through many colors and shapes. Every single one of his creations has a unique story behind it, influenced by the culture and art he was exposed to at that moment. 

While coming up with the philosophy and purpose of our brand, we focused on the importance of creating a community as well as drawing attention to giving back. Fashion is political. It is evolving. We, as a new brand, want to raise awareness to this change by bringing a fresh outlook while raising funds for others through our family foundation.


Our slogan, "paint your own canvas", is a call to all people to express their dreams, wishes and goals in life - all is welcome and appreciated in our house. What we strive for the most is to be a love mark that brings people together for a bigger goal. 


We will be releasing interviews with young talents periodically, sharing their stories, dreams and goals, to inspire both us and you. As we grow, we wish to become a pool for talent, as well as a space for other young designers to help us design new patterns.

Our name, Paint Your Own CANVAS, refers to the endless possibilities of one’s dreams. Your age, location, background does not matter. Your belief into making it happen does - just like Alihan. As young dreamers, young entrepreneurs, the future is in our hands and actions build future.

Paint Your Own Canvas Hoodie

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